Different Types Of Solicitors and What They Do

In the UK, a solicitor is similar to the term lawyer. Many lawyers are classified as a barrister or a solicitor although they have blended into one in the last 25 years. Once upon a time, a barrister was hired by a solicitor to be a representative once a case had concluded in court. Both of these occupations require years of training.

What Type of Work Does A Solicitor Do?

Solicitors can represent anyone, no matter how large or small the case. They will usually work directly with the client and handle the paperwork as well. They don’t need to read all the paperwork although it is to be expected that they know the case well enough as well as the client.

A solicitor will spend their time with individuals as well as organisations to verify all of the facts of a case. Furthermore, the job of a solicitor is to represent their client in civil law and a low-level criminal case. Moreover, it is the job of a solicitor to hire a barrister if any case of their client reaches a high court. The barrister would then continue with the case although they have to remain in contact with the solicitor.

Different Types of Solicitors

Law is a very broad subject which is why it is harsh to expect a solicitor to know every single thing about it. Furthermore, this is the reason why there are many different types of solicitors, because they specialise in a particular law.

In the United Kingdom, there are many different types of solicitors because there are many different laws. If you have an issue regarding a certain problem, it would be advised to see a solicitor that specialises in that particular area. Here we look at some of the most common solicitors in the United Kingdom.

Personal Injury Solicitors

Personal injury solicitors are there to help clients who have been injured and it isn’t their fault. If you have seen the injury lawyers 4u advert then you will know what we are on about. Injuries can last a lifetime in some cases and affect their future salary. That is why personal injury lawyers exist, to get the compensation their client deserves.

Family Law Solicitor

Family law solicitors specialise in any cases that are related to people’s family life. This includes any cases related to divorce, matrimonial agreements and child support arrangements. These solicitors have strong negotiating abilities that are there to keep both parties happy whilst getting the best for their clients.

Investment Fraud Lawyers

Up next, we have investment fraud lawyers whose jobs are to recover their client’s losses. Their job will be to work with anyone that has lost money on investment and trading, including forex trading scams.

Wills and Probate

These are solicitors that specialise in wills and probate and have extensive knowledge of how to deal with estates and assets of someone who has passed away. Not only do they help clients create their final will but they also assist with any documentation following the death of a person.