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Lok – Fall 2022 – MJEAL

SEC Focus on Climate Change Risk and Disclosure

Kathleen Lok

As environmental concerns continue to research, investors and companies have continued to contend with how to report the impact of climate related risks on their business. Currently, the SEC does

Meulemans – Spring 2022 – MJEAL

EV Tax Credits and the Shift Towards Electrification

Kate Meulemans

As Americans begin to shift toward cleaner energy, the demand for electric vehicles has skyrocketed, but not without a similar spike in the political attitude surrounding electric cars. Switching from

Expected Trump indictment looms over midterm election

The expected indictment of Donald Trump is looming over the midterm elections as both parties are preparing for a major battle after Election Day if Attorney General Merrick Garland moves forward with an unprecedented prosecution of a former president.


Tiffani Johnston’s allegations are false

Daniel Snyder’s attorney proclaims that Tiffani Johnston’s allegations are false.

Commanders owner Daniel Snyder’s legal representative John Brownlee explained his perspective as a guest Thursday on Pro Football Talk hosted by Mike Florio.

Citing that Johnston has shifted her timeline,