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Contract of Guarantee (Section 126 -127) The Legal Lock


  • Contract of Guarantee, Surety, Principal debtor and Creditor (Section—126)

Contract of Guarantee is a contract which is made to perform the promise or to free the liability in any case of default. Contract of guarantee is defined from section

The Legal Lock Law Notes MAKING LAW SIMPLE!


Contracts are an inevitable and indispensable part of our lives whether it be small contracts like buying a chocolate from a grocery store or big contracts like buying and selling properties and huge machineries. All of these contracts are

Judge Asks Antitrust Czar If There’s Solution to Rogers Deal

(Bloomberg) — The judge presiding over the antitrust case against Rogers Communications Inc.’s takeover of a rival has asked lawyers representing the companies and Canada’s antitrust czar whether there’s a potential solution to the impasse stalling the deal.

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