What Are The Most Common Personal Injury Cases?

Any accident could lead to personal injury cases. However, there are some situations that are much more common than others. Thanks to the work of Detroit personal injury lawyers and the fact that personal injury law exists, it is possible to receive compensation when you are injured because of the negligence of someone else. This can happen in various situations, including the most common ones presented below.

Car Accidents

In the US, most personal injury cases appear because of car accidents. As the accident happens, someone is at fault because of not following rules or not being careful when driving. The careless driver will be financially liable for the injuries that appear. While exceptions do exist, in most cases, the driver at fault is the party responsible.

Slip And Falls

The property owner has the legal duty to make sure premises are safe and that no hazards exist. This is meant to reduce the possibility that someone will end up injured.

As you surely realize, not in all cases we can hold the property owner liable for a slip and fall accident. However, in the event that the actions of the property owner led to the incident, a personal injury case can be filed and it is quite straightforward.

Medical Malpractice

Such a claim will appear when a health care professional (usually a doctor) offers a treatment that does not respect the current standard of care. When the patient ends up injured due to problems with the treatment, a claim is possible.

What should be known is that bad treatment result does not mean a malpractice happened. It is important to understand that the doctor did something wrong that the majority of other health care professionals would not do. Also, it needs to be proven that it was that specific action that led to the injury.


This includes slander and libel. Most people do not know that this can be included in personal injury law and claims can become reality. The defamation plaintiff needs to prove something based on what happened and how the defendant influenced the reputation of the plaintiff.

With an average person, just untrue negative statements have to be proven. With public figures and celebrities, actual malice needs to be proven. This practically means that you have to prove that untrue statements were intentionally made or were made without regard to whether or not it is true.

Dog Bites

The last very common personal injury case type is the dog bite. The dog owner is considered to be responsible for the injuries caused by the owned dog. While owner responsibility is defined differently from one state to another, there are always liability rules that exist.

For dog bites, there is some sort of financial compensation that is viable in most possible situations. However, there are some exceptions that always appear and that have to be taken into account. In such a case, it is really important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney that has experience in cases that involve dogs.