What Do Call Centers Do for Law Firms?

Law firms are busy organizations that need to do tasks such as evaluating court cases, defending clients in court, settling claims, and helping citizens exercise their legal rights. In addition to that, they also need to answer all calls from potential clients and make outbound calls to expand their pool of clients. All these tasks may be a bit too much to handle for both big and small firms.

That is where call centers come in. Legal intake services help law firms by handling a huge bulk of the communication work between the firm and its clients. They answer all incoming calls and make outbound calls 24/7.  In this way, they help law firms by:

Ensuring business continuity

Even though your company may not be open 24/7, that does not mean clients won’t try to reach you before or after work hours, during holidays, or even on very busy days when you’re swamped with work. A call center will professionally cater to your new and existing customers 24/7. The agents will also forward all the information and potential leads to your firm. Moreover, they will ensure you achieve business continuity because your clients will be able to reach your company all day, every day.

Reducing operational costs

You may be tempted to hire people in your company to receive your calls, but that could be costly regardless of the revenue or size of your company because you’ll spend time on compensation, training, and benefits. In addition to that, your company’s resources may be depleted if you try to run an internal customer care agency 24/7. However, outsourcing the work to experienced professionals will save your precious time and money.

Getting new customers

Call centers provide both outbound and inbound communication to clients. Outbound communication is external communication whereby the agents call potential customers and sell your services to them. On the other hand, inbound communication entails answering customers’ questions and inquiries. Inbound communication helps to retain existing customers while outbound communication expands your territory and allows you to get new customers.

They strengthen customer relations

Your firm needs to be trustworthy and dependable to clients. Therefore, if they try calling you but it goes to voicemail, they may not feel like you will be there when they need your services the most. However, if you are always reachable, they will trust your business and even leave positive reviews on your website and social media platforms, attracting even more clients.

Eliminating any interruptions

Although calls are important to you as a lawyer, they can be distracting if you are in the middle of something important. However, when you partner with a call center, they can answer all important calls for you as you focus on the task at hand.


Call centers do so many more things for law firms such as promoting their brand and increasing their revenues by saving them time and money. The professionals will promote your brand image by handling your callers professionally ensuring you to focus on other important legal matters.