When Truck Accidents Turn Deadly

Accidents involving trucks are more likely to be fatal than any other accident. This is because they are much larger than other vehicles on the road. The average truck weighs around 80,000 pounds, which is 16 times the weight of your regular car. Having that much weight behind the wheel can make things turn deadly quickly. Often, tractor-trailers don’t have the greatest braking ability, which is counterintuitive when it comes to emergency maneuvers. Throughout this article, we will examine what to do when you’ve been involved in a truck accident, and look over some of the most common causes of a truck accident.

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When You Are Involved in a Truck Accident

This accident is going to be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life – people rarely leave truck accidents without injuries. Unfortunately, a commercial vehicle accident is handled differently from your regular car crash. They will have an insurance team ready to go on the offensive and shut down any claims, which can be stressful for victims. The process isn’t easy, so you should make sure you hire a professional attorney to navigate your claim through the legal system. Below, we will outline some of the most common causes of truck accidents.


When a truck brakes too suddenly, the tractor-trailer swings around at a right angle to the trailer (looking like an open jackknife). Trucks need 40{2c7228ebc13d23724b285c8ec5e3b3919c3b3b8c44265db263eb3e1ea246752d} more time to stop than other vehicles, meaning that an emergency brake can cause more accidents than it prevents.


This type of accident is exactly what it sounds like. When a car is following a truck too closely and has very little time to stop, they can find themselves being completely wedged under the truck. Due to the truck’s height, car roofs are torn clean off during the accident. Unfortunately, the majority of people caught up in this type of accident don’t walk out alive. Underride guards should be installed on trucks to prevent this type of accident from happening.


Trucks are significantly tall and carry heavy loads, which means they are susceptible to rolling over. Speeding is the most common reason behind rollovers, being too fast for either the conditions or the speed limit. Alternatively, overloaded trucks can cause rollovers, because their distribution can sway the truck one way or the other.

Lost Loads

Quite simply, if a truck’s load isn’t secured properly, cargo can fall out and create dangerous obstacles for other cars. Alternatively, the driver behind you could find themselves with fast-moving items coming through their windscreen.

Wide Right Turn

When trucks turn right, they must swing left first to avoid missing the lane and hitting other cars. However, fatigued or inexperienced truckers may turn too far left and hit other road users.

Truck accidents are scary and come with an arduous battle with commercial insurance companies. Hiring an injury attorney as soon as possible will help you win any claims. Understanding how truck accidents happen will allow you to give insurance companies details without disclosing too much information.